5 Off and Online Text Messaging Tips With Women 5 Off and Online Text Messaging Tips With Women 5 Off and Online Text Messaging Tips With Women

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 Your success with women
The smallest and most unexpected things can shape the course and dynamics of a relationship. Ultimately, it can either improve or limit your success with women.

Even an online text message (AIM, MSN, Yahoo) or offline one can spoil the dynamics if carelessly conducted. Just because your phone plan permits you to send out unlimited text messages, or seduces you with ‘happy hours’, don’t consider yourself playing it smart and getting your money’s worth by clogging up your date’s inbox space. This is not a real estate game.


 Negative impact
Nowadays, I see a lot of guys, especially with an Apple devices, BB’ing their girls incessantly like there’s no tomorrow. What they don’t realize is that a lot of fluff talk goes down, and that the compounding effect inevitably manifests as negative impact.


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 Your private life

Keeping in touch with people is cool, but constant texting will eventually kill your mystery level and chew away your private life. When this happens, don’t blame the recipient but yourself.

With that said, I’d now like to introduce to you my 5 rules of engagement for off and online text messaging.
Follow this simple guideline, and I can guarantee that you will increase your perceived value and attraction level simply by pushing-buttons.

Rule #1: Have a date-oriented end-purpose.; and that one single purpose should be to use bridge into your next date.

Don’t just text to ask “What are doing?” or “What are you up to?” without any follow-up text to set up for a date after.

Suggest that she joins you for xxxxx next week, state how it’ll benefit her, and be enthusiastic about it.

Rule #2: When you can, communicate on a level that stimulates a feeling of excitement and anticipation. Messages like…


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 A negative response
“Guess what?”

“I got something amazing to share with you.”

These types of lines all elicit anticipatory responses.

Now, to keep your conversation dynamic exciting, follow rule 3.

Rule #3: Keep your texts short, succinct, playful, and flirty. Avoid punching in long messages. 2-3 lines or less would be preferable. Usually, a round of text exchanging shouldn’t exceed over 8-10 messages (including yours and hers)

Rule #4: Attitude of a tease. Try to recall something silly/embarrassing she recently said, and talk about it. This is a great way to maintain a level of sexual tension.

“You were amazing at basketball today. Averaging zero points per game. For some reason, why do I find that sexy?”

Rule #5: Keep your message open-ended and call for emotional involvement. To keep the text conversation buoyant, she must be involved.

Ask questions that require a response every time you send a text message. I always end my messages with a question etc.

In terms of response, make sure it triggers a side of her emotions. The last thing you want is for her to respond indifferently.

Avoid however, asking nosy questions which prompts a negative response.


 The Final Words
For example,

“When are you going to sleep?”

“What will you do tomorrow?”

“When do I see you again?”

As you notice, a woman wouldn’t exactly be thrilled to reply to those questions. Instead, it only makes you seem more desperate, lonely, and meddlesome.

Remember, always keep a woman guessing to whether you are interested in her or not.

So there you have it, my 5 rules on text-messaging. Never go over-the-top, and try cast a restraining order to volleying messages back and forth like it’s a sport.

Gentlemen, have a great day, and go easy on the calls too.


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